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Visit us on the High Bone and be captivated by nature and our hotel. The pure mountain air and the tranquility of nature make the hectic everyday life recede into the distance.


Grohmann/Brandt family

In 2014 we vacationed for the first time in the beautiful Berghotel Hoher Knochen.
We were delighted from the first moment by the charm and soul of the hotel. The enchanting location, with numerous hiking trails directly at the house, the warm hosts with their very nice, helpful and courteous staff and the relaxing hours in the spa area, have made us quickly forget our stressful everyday life. Here you can directly unwind and enjoy the nature and tranquility.
Since then we have spent here year after year more beautiful vacations. We can no longer imagine a year without our high bone.
Thank you for the wonderful and relaxing days.
Grohmann/Brandt family

We hope you and your team are doing well and everyone is healthy. We continue to keep our fingers crossed that everything will soon be back to normal. Until then, we wish all the best and further perseverance!
Best regards from Münster

W. u. O. Bärmann

Our hike on 07.05.2019:
From the hotel, Mr. Kevekordes led our cheerful troop on a hiking trail along the Leine River to the Lenneplätze and further in the direction of Langewiese via the Rothaarsteig to the “Hoheleye” hiking hut. Quite tired and hungry we were fed in the hut by the team of the hotel ” Hoher Knochen” with a warm lunch menu.
Strengthened by the tasty menu, our hiking group happily made its way back. We hiked from Langewiese over a hollow way to the Lenne, crossed it over a small bridge and arrived quite exhausted back at the hotel. There, Mr. Kevekordes invited us to a glass of champagne in his cozy guest room. Lively conversations developed at the tables until late afternoon when the hiking groups were picked up from the other hotels in minibuses. We used the beautiful swimming pool for further relaxation and looked forward to the buffet prepared by the kitchen
” Around the tuber”.
We ended the eventful day in the evening in the fireplace room with a glass of red wine.

Manfred & Marianne

My Life with the High Bone.

It started in 1953 shortly after the hotel opened – I was just 12 years old and was here for the first time with my parents and my brother up on the mountain. I met Bernhard’s grandparents and his parents. I began to enjoy the beautiful surroundings on many hikes with my father and brother – and later on my own. On Sundays we enjoyed beautiful concerts with grandmother (excellent pianist).
Later also with the two aunts (piano and violin).
My parents and I were faithful to the High Bone almost every year, even then it became my second home!

The years go by – you get older – but the love for the High Bone remains, even if we no longer went to the Sauerland every year.
On the contrary, it became stronger after I had married my wife Marianne in the meantime, who loved the High Bone as much as I did from the very first moment. So it was natural for me that our honeymoon – well, where to – led us to you on the mountain. We came regularly to the Sauerland – and after 25 years – how could it be otherwise – we finally celebrated our silver wedding again with you on the mountain.
Also for my wife and me, the High Bone had long since become our second home. We enjoy the ambience of the house, the food and the always friendly staff. Of course, by now we knew all the hiking trails in the near and far surroundings, which are always an experience in any season!
Also just recently you gave us a beautiful day when we had our 40th marriage anniversary.
We still remember the great celebration of the 60th anniversary of the High Bone, where we were allowed to be your guests.

So it only remains for us to hope that soon the spook of the lockdown will be over, you will soon be able to open again, because our longing is getting stronger and stronger.
So dear Bernhard and dear Kristin hold the fort and stay healthy. We hope to see you again soon.

U. u. D. Vincenti

If we think of ‘Hoher Knochen’, we think of a spot of ‘Heile Welt’ high in the forests of the Hochsauerland hemmed in, where the view can wander far over the heights of the mountain tops and the forest does not stop at all! In addition to the pure mountain air and the direct contact with nature, the well-groomed hospitality, which is pleasantly noticeable in the uniquely undisturbed location of the house, provides for the well-being. The ‘High Bone’ has been familiar to us since the sixties through several stays and we have been able to witness with interest the development of the house through the decades. The ‘Hoher Knochen’ has always been for us a refuge from everyday life and also a starting point for nature experiences and encounters with family history at the same time. In the travel guide to “263 beautiful hotels in Germany” from 1959, “Rast auf Reisen”, your hotel is already referred to on page 202 with a nice anecdote that will certainly interest you.
In the hope of a soon healthy reunion we remain with the best new

Family Dres. Bruenger/Schiefelbein

We have enjoyed being guests with our families at your hotel for decades.

Unforgettable childhood memory is the enjoyment of the chips (to celebrate the day with real cola) in your guest room near the open fireplace.

The image of the fox has inspired us since the seventies. With our own children now grown, we always appreciate the wonderful atmosphere and exquisite food in your home.

Fam. Dres. Bruenger/Schiefelbein

Erika B.

During our stay with a yoga group we were well taken care of and felt completely comfortable. Both accommodation, breakfast, dinner and the wellness area were a good support. Also
the beautiful yoga room was available to us mostly 2x a day. It was certainly not the last time.

Thanks also to the team, where there were always friendly contact persons.

Kind regards

Nitzsche family

Dreamlike beautiful.
We miss everything,
the kind hospitality,
the cozy atmosphere,
the great scenery,
the beautiful air,
and you with your super team.
As soon as it is possible we will come again.
Until then hang in there and stay healthy

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