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Get to know us and our rest mountain


Mountain Hotel Hoher Knochen

With heart and soul

The Berghotel Hoher Knochen, located south of the Kahler Asten, on one of the highest forest clearings, is managed with a lot of heart and very personally by the Kevekordes family. The unique location of the four-star hotel at 670 meters above sea level in Schmallenberg-Westfeld, near Winterberg and in the middle of the forests of the Rothaargebirge, is particularly suitable for a nature-oriented, relaxing vacation. The Berghotel Hoher Knochen is a true place of power and an ideal starting point for meditative hikes in summer and extended cross-country skiing tours in winter.

Our team

Welcome to the Berghotel Hoher Knochen

Our values

The guest’s well-being is always our first priority. These values of our hotel will accompany you throughout your stay here at Berghotel Hoher Knochen.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Find peace with us

Come to our rest mountain and switch off from the noisy everyday life.


In order not to see the diversity and beauty of our planet suffer, we prioritize sustainable consumption.

Always 100% for our guests

We try to make every wish of our guests possible.

Experience nature

Always fascinating view especially at dawn & dusk. To stimulate all other senses, we rely on the ambience of nature.


The Berghotel Hoher Knochen radiates friendliness. With our guests we are always open and sincere, which contributes to a warm and family atmosphere.

Do you want to get to know us

Contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Berghotel Hoher Knochen.

Our history -
not a revolution, our evolution

1952Opening of the Hotel Hoher Knochen
On 01 July 1952 the Berghotel Hoher Knochen could be opened, managed by the sisters Liselotte and Christine Kevekordes,.....
1895 - 1971Painter Fritz Reuter
The painter Fritz Reuter (1895 - 1971), a relative of the family, had moved to the Sauerland during the war years and later often stayed at the hotel. He has explored the Sauerland landscapes around the Hohe Knochen...
1954New chapel
Fritz Reuter designed the chapel in simple Romanesque style and also painted the altarpiece on plaster with the Virgin Mary and Jesus on her lap.
1960We need more space
In 1960 the hotel complex was extended by the house on the slope. Here Liselotte and Christine Kevekordes moved into their apartments. In the 1950s and '60s.
Mid 1960Farm becomes spa area
In the mid-1960s, Johannes Kevekordes realized that the farm was not yielding enough for a family of six. And so, in 1965, the stables were converted into a swimming pool and sauna area.
1990Bernhard Kevekordes
In the early 1990s, the Kevekordes siblings handed over the management of the hotel to Johannes' youngest son, Bernhard Kevekordes.
200250 years mountain hotel high bone
In 2002 it is called: 50 years Berghotel Hoher Knochen! The anniversary is celebrated by family, friends and guests with a cheerful summer party.
2017Welcome mountain chalets
In 2017 our site will be expanded with our mountain chalets. Vacation homes with exclusive equipment for eight people and panoramic views...
2022And now...

We wish for our guests to know how to use the High Bone as a place of strength and rest – mountain. As you notice, we are constantly striving to further develop this rest – mountain for all…

It's like entering another world....

Experience the incredible peace and impressive nature on our rest mountain. Welcomed by our always friendly staff, you will quickly succeed in leaving everyday life behind.

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    Wolke 7

    Eine Reise ins Ich wird hier zum meditativen Sinnvergnügen. Das beste daran: “Sie können “es” mitnehmen“! Machen Sie Ihre Urlaubstage zu einem Body & Soul Lernerlebnis und integrieren Sie es in Ihren Alltag.Freuen Sie sich auf eine erholsame Auszeit in unserer Ruhewelt WOLKE 7!

    Kneippanlage Hoher Knochen


    Kneippen am Berghotel Hoher Knochen ermöglicht Ihnen, Ihre Gesundheit zu pflegen und gleichzeitig die fantastische Aussicht vom Bergplateau zu genießen. So fühlen sich Körper und Geist wohl. 

    Bergchalet Sternschnuppe


    Dem Himmel so nah. Dort, wo die Erde den Himmel berührt, wo die Abendsonne warme Rot- und Gelbtöne über den Hügeln des Rothaargebirges mischt und dort, wo die Natur uns so viele atemberaubende Erlebnisse schenkt, dort stehen unsere neuen Kraftorte.

    Unsere hauseigene Kapelle St. Elisabeth

    In der familieneigenen St. Elisabeth-Kapelle findet der Besucher im Licht der bunten Bleiglasfenster eine sonst vergessene Idylle. Bei uns haben Sie die einmalige Gelegenheit, sich direkt auf dem Hotelgelände in der hauseigenen Kapelle St. Elisabeth trauen zu lassen. Die schlichte Kirche im romanischen Stil stellt ein Kleinod dar und beherbergt ca. 50 Personen.

    Wellness und Sauna

    Entfliehen Sie dem Stress und erleben Sie die entspannende Wirkung der schweißtreibenden Wärme der „Finnischen Sauna“ und der wohltuende Dampf des „Römischen Dampfbades“. Im Tauchbecken, beim Wechselfußbad und bei Kneipp’schen Güssen können Sie etwas für Ihre Gesundheit tun.

    Unser Schwimmbad

    Die Außenliegefläche im Garten lädt bei schönem Wetter zum Sonnenbaden ein. Doch auch in den kälteren Monaten müssen Sie bei uns auf Sonne nicht verzichten, denn durch die großzügige Glasfront bietet der Badebereich helles, freundliches Tageslicht.


    Unsere gemütliche Gaststube ist ideal, um den Tag entspannt ausklingen zu lassen oder für eine kleine Auszeit zwischendurch.


    Unser Restaurant

    Entdecken Sie die Sauerländer Küche Neu. Mit Küchenchef Friedel Severin und seinem Team erleben Sie die Sauerländer Küche.


    Unser Salonbereich ist eine liebevoll und sehr ansprechend gestaltete Lounge, die drei Themen beschreibt! Spielen – Lesen – Erholen. Sie haben die Wahl!

    Sonnenterrasse-Hoher Knochen


    Unsere Sonnenterrasse ist ideal, um in den Urlaubstag zu starten oder ihn bei einer fantastischen Aussicht ausklingen zu lassen.

    Spielplatz am Hohen Knochen


    Das Berghotel Hoher Knochen bietet für alle Generationen den perfekten Rahmen und macht Familientreffen und die gemeinsame Ferienzeit unvergesslich.

    Haupthaus mitten im Grünen

    Auf über 700 Metern Höhe im Naturpark Sauerland Rothaargebirge. Unser Übersichtsplan zeigt Ihnen die Vielfalt unserer Angebote und unserer Möglichkeiten rund um den Hohen Knochen.

    Wandern Am Hohen Knochen

    Wanderwege rund um den Hohen Knochen

    Gleich vier Wanderwege durch eine traumhafte Natur warten darauf von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden. Hierbei können Sie den Wald besonders intensiv erleben und so nicht nur Ihrem Körper, sondern auch Ihrem Geist etwas Gutes tun.

    Cloud 7

    A journey into the self becomes a meditative pleasure of meaning. The best part: “You can take “it” with you”! Make your vacation days a Body & Soul learning experience and integrate it into your everyday life.Look forward to a relaxing time out in our rest world WOLKE 7!

    Kneipp facility

    Kneipp at Berghotel Hoher Knochen allows you to take care of your health while enjoying the fantastic view from the mountain plateau. This makes the body and mind feel good.

    Mountain chalets

    So close to heaven. Where the earth touches the sky, where the evening sun mixes warm reds and yellows over the hills of the Rothaargebirge and where nature gives us so many breathtaking experiences, that’s where our new power places are.

    Our own chapel St. Elisabeth

    In the family-owned St. Elisabeth Chapel, visitors find an otherwise forgotten idyll in the light of the colorful leaded glass windows. With us you have the unique opportunity to get married directly on the hotel grounds in the hotel’s own chapel St. Elisabeth. The simple church in Romanesque style represents a gem and accommodates about 50 people.

    Wellness and sauna

    Escape from stress and experience the relaxing effect of the sweaty warmth of the “Finnish Sauna” and the soothing steam of the “Roman Steam Bath”. You can do something for your health in the plunge pool, in the alternating foot bath and with Kneipp’s watering.

    Our swimming pool

    The outdoor sunbathing area in the garden invites you to sunbathe when the weather is nice. But even in the colder months you don’t have to do without sun with us, because through the generous glass front, the bathing area offers bright, friendly daylight.


    Our cozy guest lounge is ideal for a relaxing end to the day or for a little time out in between.

    Our restaurant

    Discover the Sauerland cuisine New. With chef Friedel Severin and his team you will experience the Sauerland cuisine.

    Mountain lounge

    Our salon area is a lovingly and very appealingly designed lounge that describes three themes! Play – Read – Relax. The choice is yours!

    Sun terrace

    Our sun terrace is ideal to start your vacation day or to let it end with a fantastic view.

    Children's playground

    The Berghotel Hoher Knochen offers the perfect setting for all generations and makes family reunions and vacation time together unforgettable.

    Main house in the middle of the green

    At an altitude of over 700 meters in the Sauerland Rothaargebirge Nature Park. Our overview map shows you the variety of our offers and our possibilities around the High Bone.

    Hiking trails around the high bone

    Four hiking trails through a dreamlike nature are waiting to be discovered by you. Here you can experience the forest particularly intensively and thus do something good not only for your body but also for your mind.