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Our history

Mountain Hotel Hoher Knochen

Our history -
not a revolution, our evolution

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Opening of the Hotel Hoher Knochen

On July 01, 1952 the Berghotel Hoher Knochen could be opened, managed by the sisters Liselotte and Christine Kevekordes, who both move into rooms in the hotel and welcome the guests as hosts. Especially with their house music they created a cultural atmosphere in the house. With the increasing demand in the early 1950s, the parent company was gradually expanded.

1895 - 1971

Painter Fritz Reuter

The painter Fritz Reuter (1895 – 1971), a relative of the family, had moved to the Sauerland during the war years and later often stayed at the hotel. He captured the Sauerland landscapes around the hotel in numerous oil paintings and also painted the members of the Kevekordes family. The pictures give the hotel a special charm to this day.

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New chapel

Fritz Reuter designed the chapel in simple Romanesque style and also painted the altarpiece on plaster with the Virgin Mary and Jesus on her lap. The colorful mosaic windows with saints (St. Elizabeth, St. John, St. Theodore, St. Francis) were designed by Reuter’s acquaintance, the Trier artist Hans Lohbeck, who also designed windows in the hotel.

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We need more space

In 1960 the hotel complex was extended by the house on the slope. Here Liselotte and Christine Kevekordes moved into their apartments. In the 1950s and 60s, the mountain hotel gained a reputation as a popular vacation destination. Numerous regulars spent the summer vacations with their families at the High Bone. The evenings with house music by Liselotte and Christine Kevekordes were very popular. Many well-known industrialists from the Ruhr area were guests at the hotel, as well as other personalities such as Konrad Adenauer’s daughter Lotte Multhaupt, CDU Minister Gerhard Schröder, and German Presidents Gustav Heinemann and Heinrich Lübke, among others.

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Middle 1960

From farm becomes spa area

In the mid-1960s, Johannes Kevekordes realized that the farm was not yielding enough for a family of six. And so, in 1965, the stables were converted into a swimming pool and sauna area. Where there used to be cows and pigs in the barn, the guests later recovered with wellness. The large-scale mosaic on the wall was also designed by Hans Lohbeck.

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Bernhard Kevedordes

In the early 1990s, the Kevekordes siblings handed over the management of the hotel to Johannes’ youngest son, Bernhard Kevekordes. In 1993, the Rothaarblick house is built in a round building so that all rooms have a view of the Rothaar Mountains. The new building will be connected with a transition to Haus am Hang and the main building.

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50 years Berghotel Hoher Knochen

In 2002 it is called: 50 years Berghotel Hoher Knochen! The anniversary is celebrated by family, friends and guests with a cheerful summer party.


Welcome mountain chalets

In 2017 our site will be expanded with our mountain chalets. Vacation homes with exclusive equipment for four people and panoramic views.
A stone’s throw from the hotel, it is located between the chapel and the Rothaarblick.


And now...

We wish for our guests to know how to use the High Bone as a place of strength and rest – mountain. As you notice, we are constantly striving to further develop this rest – mountain for all…

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